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Spanish, English.

Professional Experience
  • ECOPETROL: Participated in the pipeline project in Boyaca and Santander in all matters related to the oil easement (approximately 2,400 properties.). And Caldas pipeline project with a scope similar to previous work.
  • PETROBRAS: Participated in Pozo Location Guando I, in matters relating to the oil easement in the association contracts Boqueron, Espinal, Upia and Rio Ceibas.
  • CHEVRON TEXACO PETROLEUM: Location well Zusne 1, matters relating to legal permanent pipeline easement and transit expropriation process.
  • REFINERY SEBASTOPOL: The contracts for the sale of crude oil and gasoline or components with Ecopetrol, construction contract (EPC).
  • H.K. COMPANY COLOMBIA: In matters relating to contracts of association Dry River and Dindal (Unification and Risk only), negotiating the pipeline and permanent easement for the pipeline transit Guaduas – La Dorada and advice on hiring processes.
  • HUPECOL LLC .: In matters related to the partnership contract Tambaqui, Caracara (contractual, environmental and commercial law).
  • SIPETROL: Currently with Pacific STRATUSS in matters relating to oil easement in its operations in the fields of Guaduas, Huila and other parts of the country.
  • OCP ECUADOR SA: With the design of strategies for the acquisition of the right of way, community relations, communications, construction and operation of the pipeline.
  • OCCIDENTAL DE COLOMBIA, INC: In the acquisition of the surface rights to the pipeline Rondon. Processing center, well Harvest G and Rondon center facilities.
  • Emerlad ENERGY: With issues related to surface rights in the country, besides the issues of exploration and production contracts signed with the ANH.
  • OIL MERCANTAIL INVEROIL today: Advice estate related legal affairs of the company in operation.
  • Petrotesting: Consulting on all issues related to surface rights in the country. PDVSA gas Colombia, real estate consulting and implementation of prior consultation with the Wayuu community.
  • GLOBO PETROL: Advice on issues related to transport liquid fuels derived from petroleum and marketing them.
Contractual Legal Advice

He has participated in projects with companies like ACERAL LTDA, Construtora Norberto Odebrecht LTDA, and others. In hiring processes HUPECOL LLC and GHK While I realize the Contract Management and Procurement outsourcing for ramshorn INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, for civil works of the CRC-2004. And in OCENSA, they have conducted several audits of the contractual implementation of major contracts the company.</p

Human Rights

Design, development and implementation of human rights policies prior to the bombing of the pipeline by terrorist acts OCENSA. Participate in projects Humanitarian Law departments of Antioquia and Santander and “Coexistence Commission Valle del Cauca”. Member of the legal committee of the Free Country Foundation. Member of the Board of the Red Cross, sectional Huila.

Community Relations and Conflict Resolutions

It has provided consulting services in matters relating to community stoppages of guapaje field against PETROBRAS. Consulting services in matters related to the strikes of the community in the Guaduas field against GHK Social diagnostics for the relocation of communities affected by the construction of various projects of water supply and sewerage NOW Bogota – EAAB – ESP. Designing the strategy for implementation of the Social Management Plan Heavy Crude Pipeline (OCP) Ecuador SA Advice on the development of corporate social responsibility policy sustainable for FEDEPALMA.

In the international project HEAVY CRUDE OIL PIPELINE (OCP) ECUADOR SA we participated in the management of occupational health, safety, physical, environmental safety, quality assurance (HESS & Q). Responsible for corporate programs for industrial safety and occupational health, physical safety of the project, the environmental compliance programs and quality assurance. Coordinate the acquisition of rights of way and the policy and activities of community relations ensuring corporate compliance and external advisors

BP EXPLORATION COMPANY (COLOMBIA) LTD participated in several projects as Responsible for the coordination, development and updating of the risk analysis and security threats of the project. Functional support to the security group on field performance audit Field Superintendent. Member of Incident Response Group.

Responsible for obtaining the environmental permit, environmental permits and 40 130 non-environmental permits for the project OCENSA. Responsible for the link with the Ministry of Environment, including the coordination of audit visits in the field. Responsible for compliance with the environmental license and environmental permits.

Responsible for relations with the community, and the management and implementation of the communication strategy with governors, mayors, councilors and state agencies Nationwide (6 departments, 42 municipalities and 250 communities).

Responsible for the management of the affairs of land through the Land Manager (I negotiated about 2000 properties for Pipeline Right of Way). Responsible for the design and application of legal processes such as expropriation, the imposition of easements, police numbers protections.

Responsible for coordination, through the Legal Department BPXC, the support in legal matters, especially in the performance of the main contractors.

Other Charges
  • Lasmo Oil (COLOMBIA) LIMITED: Operation Agreements transportation and tie-in between LASMO and Petrobras for oil Guarimena. Operating Agreement transportation and tie-in between LASMO and OAM for transporting crude purification. Land and Procedures Manual for the right of way (contract Easements) acquired by LASMO. Environmental permits for exploration, exploitation and operation.
  • COLOMBIA PIPELINE SA acted as General Counsel with the Legal Counsel in Business Law, Environmental, Civil and Petroleum Contracts. He also served as Secretary General of the General Shareholders Meeting and General Secretary of the Board. All other functions related to corporate legal support. Major works: Pipeline Operating Agreement Vasconia Coveñas (coordination of the group that drafted) Operating Agreement for the use of TLU (OXY negotiation and preparation of the agreement). Preparation and supervision of the construction contract signed with Techint-SPIE-Capag (approx. US $ 165 million). Preparation and monitoring of pipeline Supervision contract signed with Consulting and Auditing and Melendez Salgado (Ceisma) (aprox.Col $ 2,000 million) .Coordinación and participation in the group of shareholders who created the statutes of ODC .Supervisión and negotiation of 831 contracts easement for the pipeline right of way.
  • ECOPETROL: Oversaw Database oil legislation, doctrine and jurisprudence. He was a member of the Commission that drafted the Risk Participation Agreement. Member of the commission that drafted the new Code of Mines (Onshore and Offshore activities). Author Unification of the International Agreement for the exploitation of oil fields in the Colombian-Ecuadorian limit.