International Distribution Institute


The International Distribution Institute (IDI) is the leading association dealing with international distribution law, i.e. agency, distribution, franchising and other similar contracts.

The IDI website is a perfect tool for your practice, which provides, under an annual subscription, all the main information about commercial agency, distribution, franchising and similar contracts, useful to companies and professionals involved in distribution:

  • Legislation of more than 140 countries;
  • detailed country reports on agency, distribution and franchising of more than 60 countries, drafted by highly qualified Country Experts;
  • two special reports on EU Antitrust Law and Applicable Law and Jurisdiction and a Q&A on Covid-19 and international contracts;
  • specific model contracts, also translated into more than 24 languages;
  • about 100 abstracts of international arbitral awards issued by national and international arbitral institutions;
  • EU rules and EU case law, with about 200 texts of judgements of the EU Court of Justice and decisions of the EU Commission;
  • international conventions;
  • over 550 references to articles and books.
  • In addition to all these advantages and much more, IDI members are granted a significant discount to attend the Annual Conference of the association.

Usually, IDI Annual Conference is attended by 150-180 in-house counsels and lawyers in private practice, coming from everywhere in the world.

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