Peña Mancero Abogados was accompanying the partner Daniel Peña in the presentation of the book International Recruitment (editors Jorge Oviedo Albán and Luis Alfonso Gómez with the direction of Adriana Zapata Giraldo). The launching of the book took place in the event about Digital Businesses of the International Chamber of Commerce and the Externado University of Colombia.

Our partner contributed to the chapter on contracting by electronic means (Convention of Electronic Communications in the International Contracting) of UNCITRAL published by Daniel Peña in the collective work on treaties and normative instruments of the International Contracting of the Externado University of Colombia with the edition of the Professors Adriana Zapata and Jorge Oviedo.

The book, among other topics, analyze the rules that determine the law applicable to international contracts. Addressing the rules of Private International Law enshrined in the Colombian Civil and Commercial Codes in comparison with the conflict rules contained in international instruments.