Rogelio Perilla


+(57) 601 3000 222

Academic Training

  • Lawyer, Catholic University of Colombia
  • Graduate Curriculum Transformation, Central University of Colombia
  • Diploma: Customs, money, tariff structure and nationalization of goods, Society International Trade Specialist
  • Expertise, Technical Studies Centre of the Directorate General of Customs

Professional Experience

  • Cimpex Ltda, Director of the Customs Department, 1977-1979
  • Alsantander S.A. Deputy General Manager, 1979-1988
  • Alpopular SA, Foreign Trade Manager, 1988-1992
  • Ciganadera SA, Vice Foreign Trade, 1992-1997
  • Korea Trading Co., President, 1998
    Proexport, Advisor to the President, 1998-1999
    International Academy of Customs Law, Barcelona, ​​Founding Member, 2007
  • Plan Vallejo, a member of the Drafting Committee on Rules, 2007
  • Colombian Institute of Customs Law (ICDA), Vice President, 2007
  • Foreign Trade Solutions – Knob & Asociados, Founding Member. 2007

Academic Experience

  • Specialization in International Finance, Management and Administration, Graduate School of International Business with an emphasis in International Trade, Professor of the External University of Colombia
  • Specialization of International Finance, Graduate School of International Business, University Professor North
  • Business Administration, School of Finance, Professor University of North
  • Specialization in Tax and Customs Administration, Graduate Faculty, Pedagogical and Technological University of Tunja
  • Tax Sciences, Faculty of Graduate Studies, Professor of the Central University
  • Tax Sciences, Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Quindio
  • Tax Sciences, Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Boyacá
  • Diploma of International Trade and Training Assistants, Administrative College of Higher Education, Professor at the CESA
  • Tax Management, Graduate School, Professor at the University Pilot of Colombia
  • Lecturer, Department of International Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Trade