The firm represents clients in litigation processes of different nature when required, advising in each instance to make the best decision according to the defense of their interests.


  • Civil proceedings before civilian judges, District Court and the Supreme Court
  • Executive and ordinary proceedings (declarative rights)
  • Review and evaluation of legal strategies
  • Actions for unfair competition
  • Actions for violation of trade secrets and confidential information
  • Disputes between shareholders, directors and litigation regarding the management of companies Contractual breach
  • Actions against decisions of regulation and supervision coming from the Superintendency
  • Nullification actions
  • Actions for the reinstatement of rights
  • Actions for direct reparations
  • Writs for protection
  • Popular and compliance actions
Cambios en los procedimientos judiciales

Cambios en los procedimientos judiciales

Daniel Peña El gobierno colombiano y las altas cortes están empeñados en introducir una serie de cambios a los procedimientos judiciales. Al final del año pasado fue promulgado el Nuevo Código de Procedimiento Administrativo y Contencioso Administrativo que va regular...