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Legal issues of M&A in the fintech sector

Introduction Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) play a significant role in the Fintech sector. The Fintech industry is known for its rapid innovation and disruption. Mergers and acquisitions allow companies to consolidate their market position by acquiring competitors...

Legal protection for innovation strategies

Innovation is crucial for the long-term success and competitiveness of companies in the rapidly evolving business landscape. To foster innovation, companies employ various strategies and approaches. To protect your innovation, you can utilize various forms of intellectual property (IP) rights. The choice of which IP protection to pursue depends on the nature of your innovation and your business goals.

Ley 2300 de 2023

Por: María Fernanda González La ley 2300 de 2023 por medio de la cual se establecen medidas de protección al derecho a la intimidad de los consumidores, tales como canales, horario y periodicidad en que pueden ser contactados, fue promulgada el 10 de julio de 2023 y,...